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Evaluation & Diagnosis

Many tree owners experience inexplicable signs of distress in their tree at some point during its life span. If you aren’t feeling well, you go see a doctor. The same principle applies for your tree. It is not a wise decision to obtain advice from retail stores or acquaintances that aren’t necessarily qualified to diagnose your tree. Often, you will end up spending money on products that are ineffective and even harmful to your tree. Our arborist provides a detailed inspection and collects pertinent data relating to the overall health of your tree. Follow up support is available for all clients.


Tree Risk Assessment: Some trees posses defects which create unacceptable levels of risk. Due to previous mal-pruning, decay, root damage and other factors, some trees may need risk mitigation treatments or to be removed. If you suspect your tree may fall into this category and want to be sure, we provide a Tree Risk Assessment which assigns your tree a rating based on specifications from the International Society of Arboriculture. Our arborist will work with you to determine if your tree is salvageable and help you determine a strategy to make it safer.

Real Estate Evaluation: When people buy real estate, they have the home inspected for possible damage and inferior construction. Usually they do not have the trees inspected. We have run across countless people who have purchased homes only to find out a year or so later that many large trees on the property are unsafe and have to be removed at a cost of several thousand dollars. Before you buy a home, we strongly recommend having a tree inspection; it could affect your decision, your real estate agreement and possibly save you a lot of money.

Diagnosis: Proper diagnosis is is the first step in successful treatment of plant disorders. There are many look-alike disorders which can be challenging to diagnose. There are many things that impact the health and vigor of your trees, some living (biotic) and some not living (abiotic) and many times, more than one! Please call on us to properly diagnose your trees condition and provide you with a plant health care program to get your trees healthy again!

PiCUS Sonic Tomography: is a tool that uses sound to investigate tree stability and decay. This tool allows tree owners to make much more informed decisions about their trees, especially older, valuable trees that provide a lot of benefits.

PiCUS Sonic Tompgraphy