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Marc Otto

Lead Field Arborist/Crew Foreman

Marc is the ITP Lead Field Arborist/Crew Foreman ISA CERTIFIED ARBORIST #PN-7016A. Marc has several years experience working in the field of tree care and became certified shortly after starting with ITP.

Marc is an extremely proficient climber, using proper techniques and causing as little impact to the tree as possible, while performing pruning to ISA and Horticultural standards. Marc holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of Idaho. He worked in the field of architecture for 4 years but discovered a love and talent for tree climbing, and discovered he could get paid for such a wonderful job!

Marc is quick, efficient, and well-versed in proper pruning, cabling, and bracing. He is also proficient in working with rigging technology, allowing ITP to remove large wood out of a tree with little to no impact to the surrounding landscapes and structures.